How to register a trademark in Indonesia: What Your Agent may not tell you

How to register a trademark in Indonesia: What Your Agent may not tell you

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Numerous guides on how to register a trademark in indonesia konsultan patendo are available. But most of them only cover the necessary steps without touching what else you need to know. As you know, Indonesian law can be tricky for foreigners who want to expand their business. If you want to protect your venture while conducting business in Indonesia, you need to have your logo trademarked.

Whether you’re a foreign company or a local one, utilizing an agent can save you time and budget. However, you also need to have information on the registration process. This will help you understand the registration process. Even more so when you plan to renew the license.

Why you need to know how to register a trademark in Indonesia

As you understand, registering the trademark means protecting your business. It covers the colors, brand names, and logos of the products. This protection is crucial if you plan to make any business activities.

Once registered, it is valid for ten years and you can re-apply when the time is up.

Indonesian law dictates that International companies still need to register their trademark logo and keep it active for at least three consecutive years. And as the law operates on a first come first serve basis, whoever registered the trademark first will receive the sole benefit for the legitimacy until it expires.

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What do you need to know?

You can look for some information and later run it through your agent to confirm. This will help you build a rapport with them and ensure future collaboration.

There is an opposition period

After the directorate general approves your application, the item you’re trademarking on will enter the appraisal period. In this step, an appointed and independent appraiser will examine the item before submitting the report to the directorate general. 

In this period, any competitor can oppose your application. However, they need to submit evidence to support their claim. If they filed the opposition in this period, the appraisal will work on both cases simultaneously. After the directorate general released the license, there is also a period to file any opposition. 

You need documents in Bahasa Indonesia

The Indonesian government requires all documents to be in Bahasa Indonesia. This includes the necessary documents like your company’s representations and other details. 

Double-check with your agent what documents you need to translate to Bahasa Indonesia. And ensure you have both digital and print copies ready.

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You can’t trademark generic terms or use a logo similar to an International Organization

Indonesian law prohibits anyone from trademarking generic terms, words, or phrases. They also prohibit using any logo or image that resembles an International organization. It helps to protect both the organization and the general public from confusion.

It’s not enough to only know how to register a trademark in Indonesia. You also need to know and understand the details throughout the process. Feel free to ask your agent questions related to the process. 

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